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Photo by Leo

We are a studio of three photojournalism photographers, who are specialized in capturing the raw emotions and unforgettable moments that happen in your life. But it is just half of the journey you will go with us. We want to create touchable photographs, a wedding album that will become invaluable as time goes by.

Three of us are unique in our own way. Although we have different personalities, we come together and share the same talent and passion. We want to document true stories and genuine reactions. We want to write your wedding story with our photographs and transform them into your visual legacy.

We want to be your WEDDING VISUAL WRITER.

3 most important questions we want you to ask yourself:

1/ What do you want your wedding photos to remind you of… 20 years from now?

2/ What do you want your kids to say when they look at your wedding photos: “You and dad look like models but it’s not like you.” OR “OMG! Dad really ripped his pants on the dance floor!”

3/ What do you want to leave for your grandkids? A Facebook gallery with all digital photos OR a touchable album of the best selected moments of your wedding?

Photo by Lisha
Photo by Michael

If you want your photos to remind you of how much you were in love and why you said: “Yes, I do!”; if you want your children to have the chance to see the most truthful, the most touching, and the funniest moments that happened at your wedding; if you want to give your grandchildren the privilege to hold and keep an heirloom album just like your grandparent did…

…if you want all of those…

let us be your


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