“How did you start wedding photography?”

Wedding photography wasn’t what I planned for from the beginning. I actually started out as a fashion/editorial photographer. My first goal for photography was to become a world-class commercial photographer, working with top magazines like Vogue, Elle. I knew my passion is photography. That was why I invested so much in cameras and knowledge and did what I liked, taking photos. Many people loved my photos and said I was so talented. But many other photographers had the same story, didn’t they? So … “Who am I?”

For all those years doing fashion photography, I knew there was something missing, a big one. I was searching for the answer. “Why do I do that?”, I asked myself. Was it because of fame, because of money, or because it satisfied me? I couldn’t figure out…

Until one day, a wedding photographer, my first mentor for whom I have so much respect, asked me to shoot with him. I was hooked. My whole world changed and I found the missing piece.

Unlike fashion photography where my work would be forgotten 20 years later, wedding photography is where my work has a profound meaning to someone – someone like you. I know the photographs I take today will be treasured for many generations. I don’t want millions of people to see my photographs. I just want a little family, somewhere out there – perhaps your family, to look at my photographs and remember all the happiness you had in your life.

At that moment, I left everything I’d had to pursue this passion with a clear mission. The rest is history. Now, I’m standing here, about to capture the biggest milestone of your life.


“People ask me if I would ever want to become a full-time photographer, and my answer is always YES NO.”

You didn’t expect such answer from a photographer, did you? The reason will be revealed soon …

Hi there! My name is Lisha and I am a San Francisco based wedding and lifestyle photographer. I am formally trained as a biologist and work full time as a lab scientist, but capturing love and adventure is my passion! I got my first DSLR camera back in 2009, and life has never been the same since then. I shot my first wedding in 2010 after responding to an ad on Craigslist and I was completely hooked! I really enjoy using both the technical and creative aspects of my brain.

Alright! Now, let’s get back to my answer from the beginning. The reason why I don’t want to become a full-time photographer is that I love photography too much to turn it into a job. I want to keep my artistic passion for every wedding I do.

I am most invigorated when I am outdoors and being in awe of the work created by mother nature. I am the most excited when I am working with laid back couples with a similar sense of adventure, who are not afraid to let their hair get a little messy or their clothes a little dirty. Couples who value experiences, relationships, real moments, and the Golden Hour speak to my soul.

As a photographer, I should probably have a more glamorous picture of myself, but I feel like this picture is most representative of the real me. It was taken right after I backpacked 10 miles on California’s amazing coastline and I was so happy and content!

If you feel connected to me and my work. let’s talk!


My wedding photography started as a hobby and then turned into something great and meaningful, not only for me but also for you. My ultimate mission is to seek for raw emotions and to interpret them in the most genuine way. When you get older (like really old) and your mind is not as good as it used to be, the photograph I take today will be the solid proofs tomorrow, telling you exactly how beautiful your life was.

I love cultural weddings (especially Asian). I’ve grown up in a strong cultural community and understand the core value of the traditions. I love the colors and the spirits of Asian weddings. Although they tend to be more chaotic than the others, it is never easy and you need someone who understands you well (from the culture to the language) to walk you through your day.

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